Answer to this is anytime. On the coast we have typical Mediterranean climate, with warm and dry summers, and mild winters. Go more to the north and you will find alpine conditions. If you like sea,sun and fun you should come from June to September and visit our coast. But also, those months are perfect for mountains. During the day, it can be hot, but at nights you will need a warn blanket to cover yourself but also enjoy the fresh breeze from the mountains.

Montenegro is country of contrast and one day you can enjoy the sun and sea, but next day you can be up in the mountains, freezing (well, not really). In our little chart find some tips to help you which month to choose for your visit, but let me simplify this; if you are into clubbing,sun and fun go in summer (June,July, August). Also, if you are adventurist (hiking,biking,canyoning or rafting) go also during those months. Those 3 months are high season.

If you are coming with the family, and you like to explore with no rush, no crowd, then April,May and September are perfect for exploring whole country. Still you can do same activities, hiking, visiting National Parks,costal cities but in much pleasant atmosphere then in crazy summer.

For students and budget travelers, check some of the low cost companies, you can find tickets to Montenegro for 40-50euros, and accommodation is very cheap here out of season. The reason for that is that our country is still new destination for many people, but expanding very fast, so hurry up, visit now, before everybody else.

June/July/August –summer, average temp. 30°C , summer time, high season, beach, night life , also mountains (Durmitor)

April/May/September –pre and post season, average temp.  20-25°C , pleasant  temperature, not crowded, picturesque, best period for exploring whole country

Dec/Jan/Feb — winter,average temp. 1-10°C, cheap accommodation and tour packages, good to visit Skadar Lake, and coast

Oct/Nov/Mart — pre and post season ,average temp 18-20 °C,  cheaper accommodation, good for wine tours around Skadar Lake and exploring coast (Kotor, Budva)

When coming to Montenegro, you can choose Tivat, Podgorica or even Dubrovnik (Croatia) airport. There are low cost airlines from various cities in Europe, that operates during whole year (Ryan Air, Wizz Air, Norvegian Air etc)

Written by Dijana