Wine is actually pure picture of terroir and terroir is pure picture of Montenegrin men´s nature, history and braveness. Our rocky landscape tells you our old story through the our Vranac, Žižak ,Gigiac ( autochthonous grape wines) but our hospitality you can find in international grape wines like Cabernetsauvignon,Merlot,Chardonnay,Sauvignon blanc etc. If you realy enjoy tasting wines you should try it at their home. So, we choose for you three most interesting wineries with totally different expressions.

Rogami Radevic winery

If you seek for some natural luxury, we higly recomend you to try wines and foods from the central region of Montenegro, and visit the winery Radevic near the capital city. Those wines are made from grapes grown on naturally cleaned soil, without pesticides and herbacides. Wines are made by a great technologist Ivan Dašić, and foods you will eat while tasting are made by the best Montenegrin small food producers. Owner, doctor Goran Radević has huge professional and life expirience working as a doctor in China, South Africa, Caymanislands and his life story is as breathtaking as his wines. On this tour you will taste six wines: dry Chardonnay, semi sweet Chardonnay, Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah, Vranac and Reneé (premium liqueur semi sweet white wine)with a national plate (cheeese, olives, smoked ham, sausagesall made by local producers).

Građani Lipovac winery

Montenegro is a multicultural country, and is diversely influenced by various historical periods. The best culture mix you will feel is when you try Lipovac wines. Grown on the best Montenegrin soil on mountain slopes around the famous national park – Skadar Lake; made by one of the most famous Italian technologists Stefano Casadei; aged in amphoras which are made of Russian clay from Caucasus and Italian terracotta, these wines will definetly be remembered. You will enjoy the most stunning view of the vast vineyards, eating national food and drinking award winning wines at some of the most recognized competitions as Decanter and Wienna wine challenge.This tour includes five great wines made mostly of autochthonousred grape wine Vranac (Tellus), coupage Model (Vranac with Syrah)rosé wine Harmonia and white wine Idea made of Chardonnay and cold food plate made of national products (cheese, smoked hum, olives, brad).
You can also try (special price) very first montenegrin orange wine Gea made of autochthonous grape wineGigiac and serbian white wine grape Morava. Occasionally (pre ordered only/special price) you can taste lot of best national products (smoked fish in oil, sausages, cheese…)

Godinje village , Garnet winery

Everything changes, but the part of our country we want to share with you remains the same for centuries. It is a village Godinje. Almost without people during the most of the year, but in summer time you can feel the smell of seasonal fruit and see the old fashioned way of making wine and rakija. You will taste the real rural part of our Balkan soul with homemade delicatessen. We will introduce you to wine (red from the native Montenegrin vine cultivar Vranac, rose’ from the Vranac and white made of Chardonnay) and fruit Liqueurs (walnut, lemon…) made out of love and knowledge by one of the rare young residents of Godinje, MiškoLeković.This tour includes one hour long guidedwalk throughGodinje with MiškoLeković, wine tasting with local food (three kind of milk local cheese, smoked hum, olives, fruit, brad…) and occasionally (pre ordered only) fresh homemade menu.

Written by Ivana